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As Sindhu, Gopichand make their nation proud, some of their compatriots Google their caste

NEW DELHI: Indians around the world on Friday watched with bated breath as badminton aceP V Sindhu went for gold in her Olympic final against Spain’s Carolina Marin, and the number of Google searches for Sindhu naturally increased during this time. But rather disconcertingly, some Google users were curious about something rather specific – Sindhu’s caste.


Pullela Gopichand and P V Sindhu (PTI Photo)Pullela Gopichand and P V Sindhu (PTI Photo)
NEW DELHI: Indians around the world on Friday watched with bated breath as badminton ace

An analysis of search trends shows that before Saturday, searches for ‘sindhu caste’ peaked at 9:30 PM on Thursday night – the night of the semifinal – and at 8:30 PM on Friday night – the night of the big final. The flat line that precedes the alpine topography to the left of the graph seems to suggest that interest in Sindhu’s caste began to grow as it the prospect of a silver – and then a gold – medal for the Olympic champ became stronger.

The graph reaches its highest peak on Saturday, but the data is likely skewed by people searching for news reports on these Google searches.

As of 8:47 PM on Saturday night, most of the searches have been made in India. No surprises there. Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait – all countries with sizeable Indian expatriate communities – follow suit. The top ten cities from where people have searched for these words are all in Andhra Pradesh, with Eluru topping the list.

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