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About Us is a community news portal serving residents and businesses of Telangana state with a special focus on Nizamabad and neighboring districts. We provide an alternative platform for sharing news and community information like, local news, events, business and community directory, real estate, and employment listings.

Nizamabad News collaborators are media professionals, subject experts, industry leaders and recognized literary figures. This is a news and community portal for sharing information.

Nizamabad News is a first time hyper-local news experiment with digital convergence of community news where print, electronic and new media meet.

Through its unique visual storytelling, Nizamabad News delivers high-quality and engaging content across print, digital, social and video platforms. An innovator of news and information, we reflect the pulse of the region and serve as the host of the Telangana conversation — today, tomorrow and for decades to follow. Daily subscribers, single issue and online, we reach nearly 50,000 readers daily, and our mobile applications attest to more than 5000 downloads on mobile devices.

Nizamabad News a Daily newspaper in the Nizamabad district area and has established a large audience of loyal readers. Community News circulates across Nizamabad, Medak, Adilabad and Nanded, gulf countries like UAE, Saudi, Oman etc and globally  US, UK and Europe with newstands and online subscription.  Nizamabad News has powerful circulation combination of newsstands, home throw, and online.  It is a unique combination fo digital convergence combining, print, electronic and new media news plus articles on the economy, technology, human resources, and marketing.

Editorial Board: Y. Sanjeev, Shravan Munnam, Vinay Kumar, N. Phanidhar

Please send your views and comments to  Contact number and Whatsapp number : +91 8333 08 8383



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